The Real Deal. Designed, Printed, Embroidered in Queens, NY.
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About us

Our Mission:
Queens Thread celebrates and empowers each individual to live authentically, inspired by the uniqueness and diversity of the World’s Borough  
The Real Deal…spun from an (un)common thread.

Queens Thread celebrates the unique, vibrant diversity of Queens, New York City’s largest borough and the world’s most culturally diverse destination. As a nucleus for film, food, art, and music, Queens has nurtured countless famed artists, performers, and designers whose collective influence echo around the world. Queens Thread pays tribute to our distinct urban mix by designing and printing all of our apparel lines in Queens, and we partner with vendors who display responsible corporate cultures consistent with our vision for a better world. We’re committed to enriching the culture of our own neighborhoods in various ways because we believe that building a better global community starts with a better local community. We’re spun from an (un)common thread. That’s what makes Queens Thread the Real Deal.